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Haha I love the detect music button on Semagic

Hi LJ, I never check you anymore. I'm sure you feel neglected. Soooo anyway, Joey left yesterday for San Francisco after spending two and a half weeks with the wacky Self family. We did some fun things, such as see about 89 movies and drive around a lot. On Wednesday we took the mega tour of the great old Pacific NW. For your veiwing pleasure, a map of our As you can see, we went all over the place. Started at 10:30 am and got home at midnight. 500 something miles total. The part where it says 'oh fuck' on the map was the funniest bit. When you get to Aberdeen, you either go left or right on 101. I had planned on us going up to Bremerton and taking the ferry across to Seattle but stupid me, I took the left when I should've gone right. Somewhere around the town of Humptulips, I started wondering if I'd taken a wrong turn. So we stopped at a gas station to clean the windshield after a log truck sprayed mud all over it and I asked the lady. "No honey, this road goes into the Olympic National Forest. You're on your way to Port Angeles. Go back to Aberdeen." Well, fuck. So basically, we took an 80 mile detour for no reason. Haha. So back we went and ditched the ferry plan and just took I-5 up to Seattle. By the time we rolled into town, it was 7 pm and things were already closed. You'd think it was the middle of the week or something. Jesus. So we had fun and it only cost $40 in gasoline.

There was a sign on the highway that said "Caution - blind people crossing". On the huge, four lane, cars going 60 mph or more highway! Why the hell would a blind person be crossing that?

Pretend there's more witticisms here because my Father is making me go mow the lawn now, despite the fact that there's a monsoon in progress. HI TYNE!
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