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And sometimes, we go fucking nuts.

Sick of hearing about the election? Move on. Skip this entry. Go Red Sox.

This will maybe be one of the more un-PC entries regarding the elections you'll see on your friends page, and I apologize in advance if it offends you in any way but not really because it's my fucking journal, yeah? And come on now, how often is it that I go off on tangents that aren't about gaysex or reasons why we could all use a nasty drug habit? Unlocked and unedited. Here we go. Grrr.

I officially hate the Midwest and the South. The states that weren't blue on the fancy little maps, at least. Not every person that happens to reside there, because I do know some fantastically liberal people from these areas. You know who you are because if you're reading this, you know I love you. I just hate the ignorance of these regions as a whole. On the electoral college level, as it were. I'm sorry, but it doesn't sit well with me that we as Americans have to endure another four years with a man who has REPEATEDLY proven himself unworthy and incompetent to hold the highest position of power because the fucking Christian right wings and their states of Population: 15 and a tumbleweed have decided this election in Bush's favor. The West Coast and the Northeast are areas of massive population, free-thinkers, and people who want CHANGE. If you count a cow, Jesus, and that Bible in the nightstand with all the parts about how evil the world is and how we're all going to hell dog-eared and highlighted as your best friends, YOU SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO PICK WHO'S IN CHARGE. I know this is horribly stereotypical, but last night my beloved country only proved me right. Who's voting for Bush? WHO? Why when I open my friends page is it entry after entry of people wanting to move out of the country, pictures of bloody razor blades in a sink titled bushvictory.jpg and posts like this very entry here? I've yet to see ONE pro-Bush post. Granted, I'm sure the Bush supporters online are keeping mum for fear of being banished into the fiery pits of online hell but shouldn't that say something? IF YOU'RE AFRAID TO ADMIT YOU VOTED FOR HIM, IF YOU CAN'T STAND BEHIND THE MAN YOU PUT IN POWER, IF THE FACT THAT THIS COUNTRY IS IN FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF SHITTY FOREIGN POLICIES, TARNISHED FOREIGN RELATIONS, ULTRA CONSERVATIVE ASSHOLES IN CONGRESS AND BANS ON BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS DOESN'T SCARE THE FUCK OUT OF YOU, then you fell for it. Hook, line and sinker. Congratulations.

17% of voters in the 18-26 bracket turned out to the polls yesterday. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. I ran myself ragged trying to get the people my age to vote. Everyone was all vote vote vote let's make a difference hooray go team young people! It was cool. From an online perspective, it looked like Kerry was a shoe-in. I had no reason to even THINK that I'd be waking up this morning to John Kerry making his concession speech. So what happened here? How did the Bible thumping anti-gay pro-life conservatives end up taking this election? For the second time! George W. himself admitted that he never felt right winning in 2000. Well, bravo he's now been vindicated. If the man can even pronounce the word in the first place. I wasn't a huge woo Kerry fan at first. Actually, I didn't even like him all that much until he put John Edwards on his ticket. BUT, he's not Bush. That man scares me. He's using fear and this bullshit "war on terror" to keep himself and his buttbuddies in power. John Kerry is Catholic. He's also pro-choice. Which is completely against the doctrine of his religion, but he's also not afraid to use his brain and let his political agenda reflect what he feels is best for the America - land of the free, home of the brave right? Like JFK, his stance was 'I will be a president who happens to be Catholic, not a Catholic president.' Keep your religion out of the office and your policies, thank you very much. This is the kind of person I wanted to lead us. Someone who won't brainwash his country with constant threats of "oh, if we don't stop these terrorists, we're all going to dieeeee" SHUT THE FUCK UP, ALREADY. Yes, Terrorism is scary and a real threat, but the thing is, we're not winning any friends here and all the big weapons in the world aren't going to save us from the bad guys. Is it just me or does it seem like rational thinking flew out the window somewhere in the year 2000?

I haven't been this disgusted and disenchanted in well, ever. See, I'll tell you a little secret. Until this year, I was registered Republican. HOWEVER, I never once voted for a Republican presidential candidate in any of the three elections I've been a part of. When I registered to vote at 18, I checked the Republican box because I met Ronald Reagan at some political soiree with my grandfather when I was 4 years old and they gave me a stuffed elephant named - ta da! Ronald. I thought he was groovy. My dad's side of the family is Republican. I was young and didn't know any better, I guess. I changed my party affiliation this year when we moved. My conscience immediately felt better.

I can't turn on the TV right now or I'll get pissed off and start crying. I'm in a perpetual state of denial. This is how revolutions get started. My oh so liberal, blue and proud state passed an amendment defining marriage in the constitution as 'one man, one woman'. How is this even a legal issue? I'm just .. baffled and speechless in general. I know things aren't going to change, and that I just have to deal with the facts now but I'm mostly upset because I really did think things were going to be different. I thought Farenheit 9/11 was a brilliant piece of work and that it really would swing this election in Kerry's favor. I know people saw it. So what the fuck? We were thisclose to something positive, and that's what this country needs right now more than anything. Morale = low. Optimism = in the negative zone. I bleed apathy. Mostly, I miss Bill Clinton.

Edit: Okay after a shower and some food, I have calmed down. Let me stress that I love my country, I do have faith in my country as a whole, but I don't like the direction it's headed in and I don't like our leader because he's an idiot. It's like voting the kid in special education as your class president. The issue is compentence, not who has better tax reforms or education plans. George Bush is just not competent. He has his henchmen telling him what to do. He kisses corporate ass. I just don't get it. No, I'm not going to move to Canada or Europe becase I can't afford it and I can hang in here another 4 years, as much as I didn't want to. Go listen to 'America is not the World' by the glorious Morrissey, have a little sob session and eat leftover Halloween candy. Here's to 2008, friends. No more edits, promise.
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