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Exceptional customer service begins with you!

I really have nothing to update about, isn't that sad? I was going to talk about obligations, not in any sort of creepy, cryptic way but about actual obligations and how actually having them is scary. I'm still alive. I still have a job. I hate my hours but eh, money is money and sleeping during the day isn't too bad unless my nephew decides to crap his pants and come in my room to wake me up, somehow breaking my glasses in the process (true story!). I sent out my Christmas cards yesterday and felt mildly accomplished.

On the bad news bears side of things, my phone got disconnected YET AGAIN. For reasons I don't know. Oh well? I came into work early to check my email and the creepy security guard was listening to Cher. Like new techno Cher. "....." And now I should actually like, work, so peace out. I miss some of you but you know I'm also just a phone call away. Yes, my home phone can still get incoming calls. No, I don't have my cellphone yet because I'm too lazy to actually go to the T-Mobile store and buy one. I have a number though (Hi Joey!) Phones truly are the bane of our existence. And now, a thingybobber just because...

If all your friends were lesbians...(Live Journal) by starsatnoon
Favorite Color
Lesbian Witchopheliarose
Stone Butchjericho1
Toothless Lesbiandirtyandtrue
Lipstick Lesbianj_law
Drag King_geronimo
The "Bi" chickfirewalkwithme
Lesbian Momsoopahiro
Late Converter/ Divorceeincomple
Coffee Shop Lesbiancomeonsugar
Poet/Artist Lesbianmachiavellian
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Sigh, I miss my lesbian mom. I wish people were actually up and kept the same crazy hours to keep me occupied. Yes I'm looking right at YOU.
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