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Reasons 1 - whatever I choose to be antisocial.

1. It's my friend Deborah's birthday. 25. I've known her since she was 16. So you know, of course I have to go out. I have money now. Life is good. Take out $100 and be prepared to piss it up. Meet downtown at this weird bar and find out we're moving venues to the more ghetto part of town. Cool, cool.

2. Get to said ghetto bar. Sharon and Rozza have both been there - The Blue Parrot. It's a dive but drinks are hella cheap. It's really funny but the less you come out, the more willing people are to buy you drinks. I think I spent $20 bucks total and probably drank over $60 worth of well drinks. The night is going well so far.

3. Being forced to sing karaoke. Yes, at one point I took pride in my skillz but not anymore. I promised once the liquid courage came in, I would do it. Yet, no matter how many drinks I drank, my hands still shook and I still wanted to die in front of my ghetto audience. I did sing Need You Tonight by INXS so bonus points there.

4. The booze flows. Speech slurs. People get crazy. I was signing up with the Camel rep for the 98787th time in order to get free smokes and I look over and my friend Jenny's finger is jabbing into some girl's chest. Apparently she was talking shit when one of our other friends was singing Baby Got Back. I really have no clue what's going on so I ignore it.

5. Go to use the bathroom. Come back to see my other friend Tess throwing a drink in this girl's face. My baby sister (just freshly 21, bless her heart) grabs me by the arm and says let's go. I have to get my purse though! In the process, I somehow ended up with a drink spilled all over me, some random guy grabbing me by the arm and telling me I need to stop talking shit. Oh the fun never ends. So by proxy, I'm suddenly involved in this bar fight and the bartender's screaming for us all to get out. I still have no clue what the fuck's going on. I grab my purse and hightail it out. BUT IT GETS BETTER.

6. Out on the sidewalk in front of the bar, an all out catfight ensues. I grabbed my sister and pulled her off to the car after some chick screamed in my face that she was going to kick my ass if I didnt' control my bitch friends. Just.. haha. Why. I didn't even do anything, man. So anyway moral of it all, now you know why I stay in. and that's that!

Merry Christmas to everyone. Eat lots of ham and praise Jesus. I'm passing the fuck out now.
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