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There was an update here but LJ ate it and I cannot be arsed to rewrite it. So in lieu of hearing boring tales about the insanity that's been my life for the past month or so, I'm going to post this quote from the new issue of Spin courtesy of that scoundrel Noel Gallagher because it just made me cough up vital organs.

"Liam's gotten all religious. It's quite disturbing. He thinks he's Abel for some weird reason. He wrote a new song called "Guess God thinks I'm Abel". I thought it was A-B-L-E, but when he wrote it down, it was "Abel". And I thought, "Right, so you think you're Abel. That must make me Cain. Doesn't Cain kill Abel?" But then the first line of that song is "You could be my lover." I'm not too sure about that. That's illegal, innit? It's kind of illegal for two brothers to make love. It's certainly frowned upon."

I'm taking a sick day off work to see Star Hoors tomorrow. I was going to the 3 am show but then I started drinking. C'est la vie. Hope you're all well!
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