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Hola, El Jay. I have absolutely nothing to update about that's interesting. I work nights now, 3 - 11:30 pm. I hate getting home so late but I like sleeping in. I got a semi-promotion. Moved to another department, basically. I work downtown now as well and that's... fun?? At least getting a drink after I get off is a snap. I know talking about work is boring but it's pretty much all I do so there you go. And now, some semi-artsy fartsy pictures of my darling dear nephew, taken last weekend at my Mom's. He decided getting naked and running out to play in the pasture with the horses sounded like a good idea. After chasing with him the camera, he finally stopped running but only because he fell in a sinkhole up to his knees. Ah, the farm life.

I think I have everyone's, but just in case - if you have audioscooby, click there, that's mine and you should add me as your friend \m/ omg lol :D
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