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Happy 2006, chiclets.

So yeah, basically this journal is dead and I apologize. Sorry, darling El Jay. But! Good (or bad news, depending on how you look at it), I've decided to take on a new hobby in the new year and start a website. machiavellian is the html goddess and will be handling all the webdesign stuff I'm absolutely clueless about and we'll be using it primarily as a music blog with some random thoughts thrown in because it's true, I really am a frustrated music journalist and like to think my taste is somewhat okay (not a word about Lionel Richie!). I'm really super excited about this. Like more excited than I've been about anything in awhile. Sad? Yes, definitely. I officially own a piece of the interweb! It only took 12 years!

So yeah, bookmark and stay tuned. We're still sorting out the details but I promise lots of good times really soon for a low, low price.

A parting gift - Officially the weirdest Radiohead song I've ever heard and that's saying a lot. It's an unreleased demo from 1989, I guess that could explain the extreme uppityness?

Hope everyone's doing awesomely. Try to stay out of rehab. I know that's my main resolution in 2006. Ciao!
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Haha, wowie, 1989.
Haha man, I should dig out some of my old cds from the Napster days. I found a bunch of old Radiohead demos, including one for Just. It's all crappy and low quality but good times, strangely enough. Hurrah for the website! I bookmark it but rest assured I WILL be participating if you'll still have me. ;)
Speaking of Radiohead...