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You bring the house down.

So the active volcano about 75 miles from where Joey and I are right now just had a minor explosion. First point of news. Hurricanes for Florida, Volcanos for us. Hurrah!

Second, it's really depressing when you're watching MTV2 and they play The Killers' video and then you switch it to Vh1 and see a video that looks really similar, so you go "Wow what a rip-off of the Killers." until you realize it's Duran Duran's new video for "Sunshine" and you want to smack yourself upside the head because well, let's just say the influence is quite obvious. Nice shots of John Taylor rawr walking down the street looking moody and unimpressed. Dear Marilyn Manson - I will NEVER EVER forgive you for covering "Personal Jesus", even if it sounds almost exactly the same.

I fell asleep watching a show on Discovery Health called 'Face Eating Tumor'.

Hello hello how is everyone? Oh and those Mentos commercials in question were filmed in The Netherlands, I think. In case you were wondering.
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