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Hey little girl is your daddy home?

This song is actually pretty creepy. I just turned in my ballot for the November elections and it's a very satisfying feeling indeed. I've voted for president before, obviously, because I am an old bastard, but this time around just seems more important for some reason. I actually sat down and read those little ballot booklets that come in the mail, detailing all the measures and candidates. I read all the arguments for and against things, made informed decisions, and felt really American during the whole process. Flex those political muscles, people. Make sure you vote, if applicable. OR YOU DIE. Puff Daddy knows what's up, man.

There's an anti-gay marriage measure and a pro-marajuana measure on the Oregon ballots this year. I voted no on the first one, and yes on the second. How liberal and groovy of me. Honestly though, the gay marriage one is stupid. Earlier in the year they were letting same sex couples get marriage licenses in Multnomah County, this is just the backlash from that. They want a constitutional amendment making it illegal. One man, one woman is the pro-Measure 36 slogan. What a load of shit. The pot measure is to allow there to be state-sponsored dispensaries for who have physician approved cards to get medical marijuana, instead of them having to grow their own or go about getting it in shady ways. I'm pretty neutral on the whole legalize pot for everyone issue, but I think if someone uses it to cure their nausea because of the cancer drugs, or ease the pain from their arthritis, then they should be able to get it safely and legally. My pothead sister keeps trying to come up with reasons why she should have one of the medical cards, but alas I keep having to tell her they won't give her one until she flings herself off a tall building and becomes paralyzed. The sad thing is, I'm sure she's considered it.

No news to report other than that. I'm just living, man. Vote vote vote vote is the message for today. And one more thing:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, firesnapCOLBEY!!! I love you and pretend I really did show up at your door hula-hooping naked whilst covered in glitter and strategically placed cupcakes. :-*
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