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Why am I listening to this song, it only makes me cry.

Hahah okay I'm sure everyone's sick and tired of hearing about Jude Law but that was a pretty fucking funny episode of SNL. Especially the singing part. My god, man. Someone should remind him he is a horrible singer :x except he sounded good so what am I talking about. I am also horribly biased and would laugh my ass off and coo 'ohhh lovely' if he picked up a burrito on the street and kept it as a pet. Called Nancy.

I went a little crazy and changed all my icons. The theme o' the moment is 'hot men smoking'. Half of them are Jonathan Rhys Meyers and I assure you this wasn't on purpose. I've been wanting to do a smoking theme for a long time now, it's just that I came across a stash of JRM puffing away pictures that I was inspired to change them all. Either way, it's sexy sexy. EDIT!!: in no way shape or form do I encourage cough smoking just say no and all that, I just find it mildly hot so bear with me here.

Um. Well I'm feeling like a bad Irish drinking song right now so I should end this. Hello, everyone. I hope you've rocked the vote and I hope you're well. Someday I'll talk about deep intellectual things, promise. Me love you long time :-*
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