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Does that thing

List your current six favorite songs,
then pick six other people that have to do the same.

1. zero 7 - somersault
- This song is sexy and sweet and exactly what I think true love would sound like if it had a song. When I say love I mean that initial infatuation period.

2. coldplay - what if
- I heard Chris Martin wrote this song about his daughter and as much as I want to be all "Roooooaaaar Coldplay you're not the next U2 so just chill out, don't sell out, me love you long time" it still touches me because I'm obviously all about the father/daughter relationships <3 Marv

3. sondre lerche - suffused with love
- I just like this song a lot. It's so cute and Scandanavian and upbeat. I like songs that read like an autobiography and this is one of them.

4. feeder- tender
- if I were more sober I would upload this song because it's incredible, but I'm not, so you lose for now. If you're a fan of like crazy guitary British bands, even though this one is technically Welsh, this band is aces. Highly recommended??

5. thirteen senses - into the fire
- okay my obsessions with bands of the british nature is out of control but this band blew me away and i was willing to shell out 25 bucks to import their album. it's really lovely and umm call me a wuss or whatever but lately I've really been digging on the piano based groups. this is one of them.

6. jane's addiction - the riches
- Jane's Addiction = great and well, the bassline in this song is super sexy and.. yeah!

I won't choose six people to do this next cos you've all done it already. GOD SPEED.

1. Open your winamp and set it to shuffle your playlist.
2. Write down the first 20 songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing - no skipping!
3. Post the results in your journal

1. portishead - if you find the earth boring
2. green day - basket case
3. future sound of london - central industrial
4. xtc - mayor of simpleton
5. my bloody valentine - soon
6. erasure - chorus
7. the chemical brothers - believe
8. placebo - you don't care about us
9. idlewild - little discourage
10. suede - trash
11. ben folds - the luckiest
12. huey lewis and the news - heart and soul
13. new order - krafty
14. lionel riche & diana ross - endless love
15. nine inch nails - the line begins to blur
16. richard ashcroft - you on my mind in my sleep
17. super furry animals - it's not the end of the world
18. elbow - scattered black and whites
19. duran duran - come undone
20. the stills - lola stars and stripes
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