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did you ever sharpie tattoo shit on your wrists?

We didn't Start the Fire by ze Blly Joel is still one of the best songs ever, mostly because it made me go "hey dad, what does he mean by "jfk blown away bay of pigs wheel of fortune sally ride heavy metal suicide foreign debts what does it all mean??" when I was something like 11 and knowledge is power. And my dad, my crazy funny dad actually bought me a whole set of encyclopedia brittanicas so I could find out what the fuck he was talking about. HISTORY IS SO AWESOME! The video was really awesome too. Like a history lesson all wrapped up in 5 minutes or less. It just came on my stupid music thing out of nowhere and I thought hey, why not log into your livejournal? I don't get the segue either but I've been reading back some 60+ entries and yeah I've missed everything. Hey hi hola at least we're all still alive, yes no yes?
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