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If you are the desert, I'll be the sea if you ever hunger, hunger for me. [31st August 2004|01:18pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

This song is so George Michael to Andrew Ridgeley. Hi Brie :-* He will be the man who loves him until the end of time. Sigh.

I just had one of those really deep sleeps where you wake up feeling very "Top O' the Morn' to ya!" except it's noon, so the morn thing isn't relevant anymore. Well I made it home after my big Go to California and see the Cure, come back in less than 48 hours adventure.

Thirteen hours on the Greyhound and a left behind pair of sunglasses later, I made it home from Sacramento. No creepy Indian men proposed to me on the way back, and I had a seat to myself. Some trashy woman got kicked off the bus in Grants Pass for smoking in the bathroom. We all laughed at her.

The concert! Amazing. I cried, as per usual. I think I wept the most during Plainsong. That song guts me every time. The crowd wasn't too crazy. They could've been a lot crazier. It was hot, sticky, crowded and wonderful. I thought seeing Robert Smith looking more aged would be upsetting, like seeing a sad 45 year old clown, but it wasn't and you know, he was rocking out like a twenty year old. HE AND SIMON ARE SO IN LOVE. Had to throw that in there randomly. The playlist was:

Lost, Plainsong, Labyrinth, Fascination Street, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, High, The End of the World, Anniversary, Inbetween Days, Just Like Heaven, Pictures of You, Lullaby, Before Three, alt.end, Disintegration, One Hundred Years, The Promise

:') We called Sharon during High and Just Like Heaven. Sorry if it was too loud, Sharon! Robert Smith is the only man besides my dad that I'll ever love, I've decided. There's a line in this book I'm reading that totally summed up the experience perfectly -"His songs made loneliness, sadness and outrage seem cool. I wanted to become even more lonely and sad and outraged. Talk about your powerful good fortunes. Everything I hated about myself became everything I loved inside of one hour." Pretentious as fuck, but that's how it is.

I scanned some of the program. scan numero uno scan numero dos Do you see that? The man loves Sponge Bob Squarepants. To me, he is perfect.

Joey made a mistake and doesn't actually arrive here until tomorrow. We forgive her because she's Norwegian. So I'm in a mad rush to get my room cleaned up and I had two job interviews on Friday that I'm still waiting to hear the status on. I HATE WAITING. Cross your fingers for me. :-*

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*goes to California* [29th August 2004|11:04am]
[ mood | asterisky >:o ]

*posts at craiglist.org seeking ride to CA*

*guy named Bill answers post*

*guy named Bill probably gay but never find out as Bill never shows up*

*waits for four hours for Bill at Target before deciding to go home*

*goes home*

*calls Rozza and grrrrs and >:o's a lot*

*Rozza buys bus ticket*

the next day....

*starts drinking at 3pm*

*gets on bus at 10pm*

the day after that...

*gets proposed to by creepy Indian guy who works at a liquor store*

*briefly considers the proposal*

*rides bus for 12 hours*

*arrives in Sacramento at 10am*

*lays on bed*

*watches Jude say miso soup is good at the Oprah website*

*updates journal*

Later on... because I'll be too lazy to come back and edit this:

*sees the Cure and other fun bands*

*gets drunk*

Or maybe that should come before seeing the Cure.

Bye. That was fun. All further updates will be in this format. Happy Sunday everyone. Be home Monday or Tuesday.

Oh yeah:

*meets Joey from Norway at airport*

Transcribed by Rozza

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cause living it up, it's a big kick [16th August 2004|04:43pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

Once again the Olympics have taken over my life. I'm not a huge sports person by any means but every two years, I turn into one of those rabid fan-types and my daily routine follows NBC's programming schedule. I'm obsessed. I don't want to talk about anything else. I only come online to look up medal counts and Google's Olympic-themed banners make me dreamy sigh. Okay I admit it, part of the obsession comes from the gratuitious shots of men in Speedos groping each other after a good swim. The Greek divers just won a gold medal and omggggg I thought they were going to lie down on the tiles and hump like bunnies, using the Greek flag as a blanket. Wishful thinking on my part. And is it just me or does Ian Thorpe look like Chris Martin from Coldplay? Mmm, the Thorpedo. My official Olympic lover is Tom Pappas the decathalete. He's from Oregon, so you know, home state pride and sheeeet.

I went to the Kerry rally on Friday. V. Hot. V. Long. BUT Jon Bon Jovi was there AND movie heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio. They didn't really do much but stand there and clap. I guess Bon Jovi sang but I missed it. Boo hoo. George W. was in town the same day, yet sadly no rioting happened. I saw his motorcade zoom by when I was stuck in traffic and may or may not have flipped him the bird. Nothing personal, I just hate traffic. I then went to my mom's to dog/horse/assorted farm animal-sit. My mom lives very far awayCollapse )

I did a lot of nothing, which included going off-roading with the lawnmower and riding my horseCollapse ) I was then forced to go camping for a night, and now I'm home and it's time to go find more Olympic programming. My work here is done.

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:'( [9th August 2004|12:49pm]
[ mood | scared ]

This journal is up for adoption. I don't have the time to maintain it anymore, and I've lost all my good storylines. If anyone's interested in taking this role, comment below or drop me an email. If you'd like to keep in touch, my OOC journal is [Bad username: _georgemichaelxxx] at Greatestjournal add me there k? Thanks for three years of good times. :-*

a small noteCollapse )

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SHE'S ON, SHE'S ON, SHE'S ON IT. [26th July 2004|01:53am]
[ mood | :'D ]

Wow my birthday was great. I got really fucking drunk and Sharon's here, which was my saving grace. We had a kick ass time at Hoobastank, yes I'm in love with the lead singer's abdomen and Dan Estrin is the Damon Albarn of nu metal, if Damon were like 10 years younger and on methamphetamines and played guitar in a punk rock sort of way. I want to write so much more and Sharon's going to kill me for copping out but I cannot right now. Oh! They signed the cd booklet thingy for me and wished me a happy bday, so that was hot. This computer's playing Styx on repeat and it's making me wacky. Oh now it's the Cranberries I can proceed.

We went to my favorite white trash bar in the world aka the blue parrot and sang karaoke. But not just any karaoke, no. We got to sing OUR song aka Leather and Lace by Don Henley and Stevie Nicks. We both shed a tear and hugged madly when it was over cos seriously we've been talking about karaoking this song for like 2 years. It was a beautiful moment and I wish you all could've been there. She leaves tomorrow and it's sad. We always have good wacky times together. I'm going to see Slayer on Wednesday \m/ and I think I'm going to try to convince her to stay but who knows. Okay time to pass out now.

PS I got a lawnmower for my birthday. A fucking lawnmower. No, it wasn't a joke and yes, I cried openly about it. I guess maybe when you get older, it's okay to give shitty gifts but I don't know. Maybe it's just me but that kind of takes the cake for really crappy birthday presents. My family laughed when they gave it to me but overall, it was pretty evil. I didn't even ask for anything, so I was all excited about the prospect of a surprise gift and .. yeah. Lawnmower. Other than that though, it was a pretty rockin' birthday. People came over and we ate and drank and made out and I got in a fight with some random guy about Radiohead. WTF BBQ WOO!

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Mdb3eb5000: "bitch plz, don't you know i nearly got raped by jena malone for you?" [8th July 2004|03:29pm]
[ mood | ..... ]

I was told I need to update my El Jay, so update I shall. Who said I wasn't an obedient pup?

Fourth of July blah blah really white trash blah blah listened to Journey while eating BBQ and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and setting off fireworks in the street blah blah. Shot neighbor boys with bottle rockets blah blah stood in the middle of the street doing the metal sign ( \m/) while my dad threw those spinning ground flower things at the kids. Good times.

I got laid off today. New paragraph!

gasgiants has been cheering me up by rewriting Cold Mountain using screencaps. She's wonderful and great like that. Check out her journal for another installment in our civil war epic as interpreted by us. Instead of talking about stupid life crap, may I present to you -

Episode Two: We Got Our War and It's In My Pants - warning may not be suitable for children!Collapse )

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EAST COAST VS. WEST COAST 2004 [23rd June 2004|08:46pm]
[ mood | potting soil ]

WHAT WHAT YOU MEAN YOU FOOLS AIN'T NEVER HEARD OF MUTHAFUCKIN' BARKDUST?? You and your mulch. MULCH?? That's poop you use to make your pastures pretty. I was going to conduct a poll here, Barkdust or Mulch, but oops I don't have a paid account anymore. That and I know I'm totally in the minority. BUT IT'S CALLED BARKDUST, I SWEAR. The stuff you put around your flowerbeds = Barkdust. Someone from the wessside back me up here. I cannot be the only person in the world who calls it that besides my immediate family. :'( MULCH OR BARKDUST - IT'S YOUR CALL.

Okay so this deed of barkdust comes from my home state but it's proof that it's not some creepy word that I just made up!

Real update to follow here shortly.

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Word. [11th June 2004|03:49pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Hi Livejournal. Kill me now please. I am the definition of an overworked, really needs a drink badly or will possibly start wounding unsuspecting people and/or harmless creatures person. Why, you ask? Actually, you probably don't care but I will tell you anyway. I stupidly took on a second job, thinking oh a few hours a night is okay, and $12 an hour rox0rz. Bad idea. I go to Hollywood from 9:00 - 4:30. I then have two hours free time, but since my grandma fell and broke her wrist (when Rozza was here, no less), and my sisters are evil, I go spend those two hours with her, making sure she eats and other assorted things. Then, from 7 - 10:30, usually but sometimes later, I go to this lumber brokerage firm and do invoicing. It's just a temporary gig, but still. After staring at numbers until I'm cross-eyed, I then go home and I either a) pass out on the couch or b) plot out my plan to move to a remote tropical island where no one works and the currency is sea shells. It's usually option A. I feel old, like my dad. But it is Friday, and I do get paid today from both jobs so I'm thinking a spending spree is in order. I'm living, but just barely. And not REALLY complaining. It's good to be busy, right? Anyway, I hope everyone is well.

My youngest sister's graduating tonight from high school. She is 20 years old. We here at the Self house aim high, I tell you what. So I'm skipping out on the night job, picking up my paychecks, going to get my granny, going to the graduation, and then... Boozefest 2004. I'm going to splurge even, and buy expensive alcohol instead of my usual $6.95 a bottle vodka deliciousness.

I earned my free rental card at the video place, so please recommend some movies I should see. Everyone got to leave early today, except the underdogs like myself, which only made me curse this thing we call employment even more. The really extremely hot guy in my office keeps walking by and doing the wink point thing in my direction. I wonder how he would feel if I did the wink shoves tongue down throat back. Too bad he's gay. Such is life. I have an unnatural attraction to older men. Like 50s older. Oh, joy. It's time to do mailings. Later kids. Catch ya on the flip side.

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move along. there's nothing left to see. [2nd May 2004|02:13am]
[ mood | enthralled ]

I was going to try and attempt a "real" update but you know how that always goes straight to hell. I was supposed to go out with this guy and girl pair I know tonight but they flaked out on me. So I went to some weird bar by myself and got hit on by an older man and while I must admit it was kinda exciting, I'm not really down with the 55 year olds, yanno? So I came home because it was getting depressing that no guys my age would flirt with me. I mean, I know I'm not exactly a spring chicken anymore but still.

I am supposed to mention in this here thing how much I love Colbey. Colbey, I love you. I watched the Kentucky Derby today and thought of you. I'm actually really obsessed with horse racing, I think that goes back to my days of competitve horse showing. Bet you never knew that about me, eh? Yes, I used to ride professionally. I had the proper outfits. I could tell you what saddles were the best and I could mount that steed with the best of them. I won awards and ribbons and silver platters. Until I got trampled pretty badly by an angry gelding and all my horseback riding dreams were shot to hell. Woe is me.

Morrissey is on the cover of the new Spin. This excites me like you don't even know. There's a picture in it from the inside cover of the insert that goes with The Queen Is Dead (if you don't own this album, shaaaaame on you) of them in front of Salford Lads Club click here to see it and it made me all nostalgic for the time i was in Manchesturrrrr and I took this picture of me by the actual real Salfords Lads Club because yes I am a retard and it was fun at the time. I swear that's really me, even though it's all blurry and weird. When I scanned it I hadn't yet grasped the whole scan fix post process. I fixed my camera today, so here, have a photo. If you say anything about me looking like I have mumps or looking like hooker actresses I will stab you. I'm saying "ohhh heyyy hiii let's talk about politics and other shit I really don't care about! Actually no let's talk about hot boys and boys on boys and fancy drinks with cool names and the fact that I'm laying on the ground as I take this photo.". Hehehe :D Here's another tidbit - if you read this journal, you'd probably think I'm a flaming retard (do retards actually flame?) but I'm really not. I'm just in the midst of one of those mid--twenties what the fuck am I doing sort of things. Insert paragraph about coachella festival and my lack of attendance here.

So that's that. If you live in the Portland Metropolitan area and would like to go see Mean Girls tomorrow, comment below. All eyes on you, little Rob. I need a date other than my dad.

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yes this song is by a guy who uses my last name which automatically makes him cool [26th April 2004|02:09pm]
[ mood | touched ]


Went to the beach, drove the 26 foot U-Haul, wore straw hat, felt really white trash, went to the casino, did not gamble, moved granny out of the beach house, got really drunk with the elderly neighbors, fell in the ocean, oogled some hot guy passed out on a blanket, did other stuff, ate lots of Macky Donaldos (as our fine Japanese friends refer to it), came home.

I'm not in the mood to write anything right now. I'm going on a commeting spree here in a bit and catch up with ch'all. First, I must finish unpacking said U-Haul. I got a new bed. A TWIN bed. Uh huhuhuhuh gee I sure hope all the hot guys I bring home on a nightly basis don't mind curling up on this bad boy. I'm joking of course. OR AM I. Anyway, the REAL point of this update:

poopinz - alright, which one of you assholes is it. Hahaha I love you all. Bye!

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Oh I don't know [20th April 2004|01:10am]
[ mood | predatory ]

I'm housesitting for my friends who randomly decided to go to Europe. How you decide to take a trip like that spur of the moment I will never know but they did so I'm here until tomorrow watching after their 4 cats, 2 dogs, 2 birds, and 879505404 fish. Then one of her sisters comes and takes over. Hooray! They have HBO though so I'm cool. I had to hack into their computer to get online and I feel really sneaky doing it but they also have a fast connection so I'm downloading some music and making cds while I still can. I was looking for the new Avril Lavigne song because yes, I love it, and I found a remix thingy someone did of Blur, The Chemical Brothers and Avril called 'Sweet Sk8ter Bang'. When I stop laughing I'll actually listen to it. Oh and this band I'm listening to - in a word, wonderful. Like errr uhh a bunch of great 80s bands all mixed together. Very retro and trendy! I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume Alicia and Niki probably already have heard of them and/or own their album but I just discovered them a few days ago and just my luck, they're doing an in-store thing at Music Millenium on Friday. Free shows are fun and I'm so there. Speaking of Niki, thank you thank you I once again have the use of my creepy icons so in your honor I'm using the Jude 'holy shit Mr. Wilde I just soiled your expensive linens' icon. :-*

I had dental surgery this week involving root canals on three of my teeth and they yanked one out because it was just way past saving. You'd think I was British or something. I got put to sleep though, so I have this really nice junkie looking bruise on my inner elbow (is that what it's called?) but my dentist is great and doesn't care that I have no insurance. He's the credit dentist. I'm cool now and the nagging evil toothache that's been hindering me for months is finally gone so we can all rejoice and praise Allah.

Being online is making me crosseyed lately. And now, I'm doing that survey.
Gacked from like 8 other people!Collapse )

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chardonnay, i'm in love with your bouquet [11th April 2004|12:51am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

I saw the best movie last night, called My Life Without Me. Jericho told me about it a long long time ago and I wanted to see it, but I forgot of course. But then I was perusing the pay per views and there it was. It was incredible. I was completely bone sober and it still made me cry about 8 times. See, whenever I watch movies, I seem to rate their goodness on a per-cry basis. Unless it's an action film or something, but I usually shy away from those anyway. This movie though, wow. I was impressed. It's about this girl, played by Sarah Polley, who finds out she has two months to live so she makes this list of things to do before her time. Mark Ruffalo is in it too and that makes two movies with him I've seen in the past two weeks, the other being the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. God, whenever I go to type that out I just want to start going khjkahajkhshjga. SO ANYWAY HER LIST. She wants to sleep with another man. She's married to Scott Speedman aka Ben from Felicity and he's so adorable but you also can understand why she'd want to shag around. They met at a Nirvana concert, and the way they say Nirvana is great. Maybe it's a Canadian thing? I've always said it Nurr-vah-nuh. They say it Near-van-uh. She makes tapes for her daughters to listen to on their birthdays and man I had to put it on pause and run to the bathroom for some kleenex. Granted, I am also the world's biggest wuss but just the idea of that was enough to send me running. Imagine getting tapes from your deceased mom every birthday until you're 18. I DARE YOU NOT TO CRY OKAY. Debbie Harry plays her mom too, as an added bonus. So yeah yeah anyway I won't give away the entire film but it was really sad good and worth checking out.

I went to a cooking class with the father figure today. We learned how to sautee shrimp.The teacher lady tried to convince me to look into chef's school. I love cooking but good lord if I made a career of it I'd weigh like 600 lbs. and lord knows I'm already well on my way. It was fun though. I'll make a fine husband someday.

It's suppose to be 80 degrees out tomorrow. On Easter! Oh well, happy Easter everyone. I hope you get lots of chocolate. It signifies the color of the wood on the cross, after all. And then the rabbits popped out and said 'hey now, this is our fucking hill'. Happy Passover also, to all our fine Jewish friends.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICIA! Arrrrghhhhhhh!! I'll make you something clever when I'm not so drunk. <3

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[1st April 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Cris brought this to my attention and I must say it's the most exciting thing ever, so I'm pimping it out as well. If you like reading, and come on, who wouldn't enjoy perusing some books recommended by Mr. Duran Duran himself, then hop on the bandwagon and join Simon Le Bon's Book Club!!! Click there now for all the amazing details mmmkay?

God I love Duran Duran. Why am I drunk at 6:21 pm? And listening to Al Green, no less.

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this song always makes me cry for no reason [20th March 2004|04:03am]
[ mood | ditzy ]

It's so funny how you can be online all the time and at really strange hours, but forget about this strange little thing called MY livejournal. Sharon and I had a hot cyber date with the bottle tonight and we kept it and things are winding down so why not update? Here we go.

Busy week! Worked a lot, well not really but enough. Tuesday was my friend Tess' birthday so we went out. I wrote a paper about Robert Frost for my sister for a measly $20 so I could go out and here's the irony - she came out too and made me pay for her drinks. Oh well. We ran into my cousin at the bar and it was shocking. I say shocking because my family is very large and (the republic formerly known as) Yugoslavic and even on holidays there's at least 10 people missing. So we hadn't seen him in ages and there he was, getting drunk with his friends. I was pretty plastered by the time we got to this place so I sort of attacked him when I saw him. We had good conversation. His name is Chris Martin, like Mr. Coldplay and of course I had to point that out to him about 50 times. He and I have always been the black sheep of the family so for us to be together in a bar was really exciting. We have this uncle who went missing like ten years ago because of some jacked up shit like drugs and cheating on spouses and family turmoil in general but apparently my cousin found him via the internet so we have tentative plans to go visit him. He lives in Las Vegas. Heather, holla!

Uhhhh oh my dad took me on a date tonight. It was neat. I broke my glasses. I'm wondering why I'm still awake. I think I found my new calling and it's in advertising. You know what's really hilarious? How I can type better drunk than sober. Here's my Tori Amos acid experience in condensed form, cos I just remembered I promised niki I would talk about it.

I got really high. I decided to go to Circuit City and buy her videos. I came home. I got to the fourth video, which would be China, and it made me nauseous. I then decided I needed to eat. I went to Pizza Hut. I freaked out when I was ordering. They kicked me out. I went home and watched more Tori Amos videos. Some friends came over. I was laying on the floor laughing so hard I thought my neck was going to explode. They made me take a shower. I woke up damp and to this day I cannot watch her videos without getting that pukey saliva crap in the corner of my mouth which usually goes along with a whoa trippy experience. The end.

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go and get 40s: im probably the only person who thinks it's sexy when he goes "yeah it does" [28th February 2004|04:56pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

My dad told me I smell so I have to make this quick and hop in the shower. Let's make this as painless as possible. I'm sitting on the floor in my bare room trying to keep my computer hooked up as long as possible because...... after today I will be internetless, unless I hike up to the library, which I will do to check emails and such but still. Sucks to be me. God there's so many much larger problems in the world and here I am whining about the stupid computer. As I sit here downloading Poison and Skid Row. I have to take advantage of the cable internet while I still can. Good to see I've got my priorities straight! Be good kids. I know where (most) of you live.

Enough of this. I love you all and I'll be in touch. ;) You know I'm all creepy stalker like that. I'd say call me but we don't have a phone at the new place yet. Haha bye. :-* x 76758484383.

go and get 40s: Is nick valensi going to change his name to nikki valixx?
go and get 40s: no
go and get 40s: nikki valensixx
that is so hot: hahahahha
go and get 40s: THAT WOULD RULE

Edit! Alex James had his baby! I may be more excited about this than I should be but you know. Babies rule. Especially his. Bye again. :-*

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It's not a case of share and share alike, I take what I require. [22nd February 2004|12:24am]
[ mood | giggly ]

I hate packing more than I hate .. something I really hate. I'm moving on the 29th. Just down the street but if you've been in my room you know how much of a packrat I am and why just the packing up process is both time consuming and frustrating. Once upon a time, I moved 8 times in 3 years, so I had my belongings down to the bare minimum e.g. cds, videos, bed, dresser and not much more. I had to beg my friend to come help me put stuff in boxes because there is no way I'm going to be able to do this alone. There's some pros and cons to this moving thing but I will touch on those at a later time. I'm in no mood to get morose right now.

Due to this packing and shit, I've uncovered a lot of videos and cds I'd forgotten about. Let me tell you, this is the best thing ever. I have watched all of my old skool Cure videos and found time to throw on NIN's Broken short film thingy. Twisted shit but whee I love it. I'm in such a Cure mood it's crazy. It only made me more determined to get my ass down to Coachella because sigh it's been too long since I've basked in the glory that is Robert Smith. Joey's been letting me send her songs and it makes me happy "down there". This song has such a killer bass line. Rock n' roll.

I now have the greatest livejournal mood theme ever known to man. Don't argue with me on this either. MacGuyver always wins and I think I wet myself a little looking at all the pictures. I'm going to have to update every day now just to see them all. It's pretty sad when the most exciting part of my day was finding this hot mood theme. Oh well. I went to a BBQ earlier. Who the hell has a BBQ in February? Well my dad's friends obviously. They're Greek so maybe it's normal in their culture or something. I have no clue but there was lots of Ouzo there and me like-a the Ouzo. I'll end this now with a quick group grope.

*group grope* Later babies.

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blah [13th February 2004|05:59pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Week Two of Silent Treatment from Marv. I can't believe he's still mad at me for turning in the rent check late. I've tried to talk to him, but he just... won't talk. I just picked him up from the airport and the whole 45 minute ride home we didn't say a word to each other. Thank god there was the love songs at 5 on the radio to keep my mind occupied. I hate this. I hate not being able to sit on the couch and have a drink with him. If you know me at all, you know my dad is probably my best friend so this is painful. I'm going to write him a letter. :'(

I spent the other part of the day in Vancouver (no, not BC) with my friend Tess. Her 16 year old cousin has been missing for 2 weeks. At first they thought she ran away, but none of her clothes or things are gone. The police have ruled out any family members as suspects, so now it's basically looking for a needle in a haystack. There's no clues at all, none of her friends think she had a boyfriend, she wasn't into drugs or anything like that. She just disappeared. So we went to Tess' uncle's house today and helped him go through her things. It's sad and horrible and I cried a bunch. Everyone's trying to be so optimistic about it but you always think the worst, don't you? I hate humans sometimes.

As much as I wanted to hate this song, I really don't. It doesn't break my heart into a million small pieces like The Cure's version though. It just makes me want to get stoned. And that's not always a bad thing. So many good bands are coming to Portland and of course I have $2.00 in my bank account. I think it's time I started selling my body to science. Bids on my liver starting at $5. It's practically famous, come on.

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"Wicked." [8th February 2004|02:08pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Happy birthday to the wonderful and lovely Sharon, who will forever be remembered as the wacky chickwho made the mighty Alex James cover his manhood in a defensive fashionCollapse )

while a curiously Dan Akroyd-esque man leered in the background and that weird boy haha what was he about anyway? You so crazy, mama and I love you so much. Go get muy plastered and sleep in gutters because I don't expect anything less from the likes of you.

:-* :-* :-*

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It puts on the lotion.... [6th February 2004|05:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I just watched Silence of the Lambs and really who can forget that scene in the basement when Buffalo Bill is dancing around with his dick tucked between his legs going "Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me..." Well the song that plays, I'm like obsessed with it. It's so creepy and great and I want everyone to have it. So I uploaded it to my webspace FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Right Click & Save for the creepy goodness! Just don't come complaining to me when you start dancing around in the nude in front of a mirror.

Niki aka rara_avis's birthday is tomorrow. Happy early birthday one of the weirdest people I know. :-* I'm going to make you something, just you wait. Expect a prank call or two as well.

My prison luvah i_am_a_robot redid my layout for me and it's fantastic. :-* The Ewan mood set is pretty hot too, I do declare.

Man. This song is going to be the death of me someday. I listen to it at least 5 times a day. Big Tragical Sigh. You know what the greatest feeling in the world is? Finding someone who has identical tastes in music as you. When you sit there and talk about bands you like and they go "oh yeah!" and quote lyrics at you off the top of their head. Yeah, that's the best. And now it's time to listen to some New Order.

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I heart Ralph Macchio [30th January 2004|04:44pm]
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Okay first things first - yes, I electrocuted my nephew ON ACCIDENT but he is completely fine, I assure you. He only smelled like burnt hair for a few minutes. And then the power was out for four hours. Note to Self: never babysit ever again, at least not when you're sick. Moving on..

RALPH MACCHIO! Heather started this madness when we got to talking about the beauty of a song that is 'The Glory of Love' by Peter Cetera. Who can forget the touching love story in Karate Kid II where Daniel-san goes to Japan and meets his little Geisha Girl? Like a knight in shining armor, from a long time ago....We're not even going to touch on the fourth one with Hilary Swank because .. just no. There's only one Karate Kid for me! I could talk about the greatness that is Ralph for hours but I prefer to tell my story with pictures.

Ralph was quite the hunk. Niki says Elijah Wood is the Ralph Macchio of modern times. I have to agree. He's one of those actors that no matter how old they are, they still look pre-pubescent. His boyish good looks are what made him so great though. Observe!

He's like "Yeah baby I own a yacht who cares if I'm only 15.
This gives me hope I could be just the girl for him!
Dreamy sigh men in tweed jackets WITH elbow patches HELLO

I think the Karate Kid movies were his best. The tender story of young troubled boy and older Japanese man teacher really tugs at the heartstrings. When Daniel La Russo got angry, he got ANGRY. Have a listen: "Stupid fucking bike!!!" So what better way to get out your aggression than through the ancient art of karate? Wax on, wax off.

But we can't forget The Outsiders. It's hard to think about Johnny Cade without tearing up. This is Casey's interpretation of his role:

Mdb3eb5000: he was all *stabstabstab* i didn't mean to kill him!
Mdb3eb5000: *saves kids*

AND THEN HE DIES. :'( :'( :'(

"You wanna know something Pony boy? I used to talk about killing myself all the time. I don't wanna die now. It ain't long enough. 16 years ain't gonna be long enough."

Why he didn't win an Oscar for this I do not know. Stay gold, Pony Boy.

Sadly, our Ralph has grown up and gotten married and has two kids .. one of whose name is *drum roll* Daniel. This is Ralph now.... Alas, I refuse to accept this. MISTER MACCHIO YOU WILL NEVER AGE FOR ME, NOR FADE.

Okay enough. You know you love him, just admit it. I leave you with the link that will change your life. The Ralph Macchio Homepage.

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